#labelfaible – the special labels SOFT | WASHABLE | CHANGEABLE


How did #labelfaible come about? I’ll tell you all about this and a few tips, tricks and inspiration for processing in this blog post.

What kind of labels do you like best? To sew on? To sew on? Sew around the hem edge? MMhhhh, I personally can’t and don’t want to decide. When sewing, I usually decide spontaneously where and how I want to attach a label to the garment.

I was looking for labels that I didn’t have to choose from. At the same time, I had precise ideas in my head about what properties the material should have. And so the challenge began 🙂 It had to be soft, light and flexible. This is particularly important to me when it comes to children’s clothing. Especially if the label can come into contact with the skin.

Since I often sew thin woolen fabrics myself, it should have the necessary flexibility and lightness that suits woolen fabrics. Washable, robust, ironable etc. was a matter of course. And then there was the criterion of changeability. So that it can be used for sewing in, sewing on and re-sewing.

It was a long, long search until I found exactly the material that met all my criteria. This is how the special labels #labelfaible came about.


Here I show you a few inspirations of how WANDELBAR #labelfaible is:

You can cut the labels to size as you wish. The best way to do this is with rotary cutters or fabric scissors. You get a smooth, clean edge.

Example image of cutting the labelfaible Snyggli label to size

Here I cut the rectangular label because I wanted to sew a square onto a thin wool fabric. To prevent the label from slipping when sewing it on, I stick a small strip of Stylefix to the back.

Example image with stylefix of the labelfaible Snyggli label


I sewed the label on close to the edge.

labelfaible sewn-on Snyggli label

You can let your creativity run wild with the rest of the label. I like to use it for cord ends, for example. With Snappap, the end of the cord was too hard and streaky for me. The #labelfaible material keeps the cord soft and flexible.

You can find the hakuna matata label in the “hakuna matata” Edition.

labelfaible Snyggli label at cord ends


If you want to sew the labels from #labelfaible into a side seam or “under” a trouser pocket, I recommend ironing them folded beforehand. This makes them even flatter and allows them to be sewn in more precisely. You can find this label in the “hakuna matata” Edition.

labelfaible Snyggli label sewn in


The material is Oeko tex 100 certified. When the labels arrive, you may notice a slightly burnt smell. This is due to the high-quality engraving. At the latest after the first wash, it is completely tracked.

You can also give #labelfaible as a gift and make a dear sewing friend happy.

I am always very happy to see your great works. Feel free to link them with #labelfaibel and @snyggli. So I can find you.

Now I wish you lots of fun with #labelfaible.

All my love.


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