Sewing a baby blanket from muslin & waffle piqué

Musselin goes Waffelpiqué: was passiert, wenn zwei meiner Lieblingsstoffe kombiniert werden? Es entsteht eine zuckersüße Babydecke für Sommer und Winter 🙂 Für den Kinderwagen, den Mittagsschlaf neben Mama oder einfach zum Kuscheln. Leicht, weich, 100% Baumwolle und waschbar.

You can easily sew them. My baby blanket has the finished dimensions 80×130 cm. The full fabric width was 140 cm at the time of purchase. The fabrics have shrunk slightly due to washing.


For sewing you need:
– 1 meter each of muslin and waffle piqué
– approx. 5 meters of cotton piping tape

Important: be sure to wash both fabrics beforehand, as they will shrink a little.

Lay the muslin with the pretty (right) side facing up and secure the piping tape in one place with Wonderclips. The piping (thicker part of the tape) points to the center of the blanket. Now sew the piping in place all around in one go using a straight stitch. Place the piping tape in a slight curve at the corners. TIP: it is best to use a yarn color that stands out. The second side is then easier to sew on.

Now place the waffle piqué fabric right sides together on the muslin fabric. Fix a small piece with Wonderclips. It is best to sew the muslin side up towards the presser foot. You can see the seam from the previously sewn piping. Now sew the waffle piqué fabric exactly on this seam. IMPORTANT: leave a small opening for turning (approx. 10-15 cm)!

Finally, you can cut back the remaining overhanging fabric close to the edge.
Turning. Close the opening with a matching yarn.

And your cute baby blanket is ready.

I hope you have lots of fun sewing it.


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